Biogas Production from Co-digestion of Brewery Wastes [BW] and Cattle Dung [CD]

Kaliyaperumal Karthikeyan


Abstract: Biogas production from the anaerobic single stage co-digestion of brewery wastes and cattle dung was analyzed in batch mode at mesophilic conditions. For every single stage batch digestion at 40 days retention time, a conversion of 73.8% of the organic solids fed into digester [HRT] was obtained. The average gas yield was 0.290m3/kgVS added. To make favorable fermentation conditions, the content of the initial Total Solids [TS] was changed from 16% to 8% by diluting with water. Maximal overall methane productivity was attained when the ratio CD/BW was 70:30 and maximum organic loading rate was 3.3kgVS/m3d found from semi-continuous digestion on 70:30 without clogging of the digester.


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