Physicochemical characterization and associated antioxidant capacity of fiber concentrates from Moroccan date flesh

amina hasnaoui, mohamed aziz elhoumaizi, chema borchani, hamadi attia, souhail besbes


This work determined the main chemical composition of ripe fruit and some functional characteristics of fruit fiber concentrate in five cultivars of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L) from Figuig region, Morocco. The date flesh showed high amount of total sugar and total dietary fiber (DF). The DF concentrates (DFC) exhibited high contents of total DF, protein and ash and presented a relatively low amount of fat, total phenolics content and total flavonoids. The DFC also showed high water-holding and oil-holding capacities (~ 6.1- 8 g water/100 g and 5.3-6.4 g oil/100 g, respectively). Emulsion capacity of DFC was in the range of 17.5 to 23 ml/100 ml. The DFC showed also high emulsion stability (~ 34.5 - 38 ml/100 ml). The DFC was shown to possess an antiradical capacity. In fact, antiradical efficiency (AE) ranged between 1.26 and 7.09 ×10-3 of DFC, which were considered suitable for antioxidant DF production.


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