Tolerance of polluted water on seedling growth of some cereal crops

VS Chatage


Attempts were made to study the influence of sugar mill industrial polluted water on seed germination and seeding growth of cereal crops from Tuljabhavani Sahakari Sakhar  Karkhana  Naldurg. The higher concentration of distillery effluent were found to inhibit the germination of cereal crops. Maize (Zea mayes) and Rice (Oryza sativa) were more susceptible and Jowar (Sorghum vulgare) was less susceptible to polluted water as compared to other crops. Polluted water showed low pH (2.02) and high temp., OD, TS, TDS & TSS than tap water. In the phytotoxicity was more in Sorghum vulgare than other crops.


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